Vadaz vs. Lingnau

Medium difficulty puzzle – mate in 2, white to move.

FEN: 3r1b1k/5Q1p/p2p1P2/5R2/4q2P/1P2P3/PB5K/8 w

Solution: 1.Qg8+ Kxg8 2.f7#


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  1. betachess
    betachess at

    Solution 2:
    1. Qxf8+ Rxf8 2. f7#

    1. Jeroen
      Jeroen at

      I first thought 1.Qxf8+ would be a solution, but then the I saw 2. …, Qe5. Very tricky!

  2. Ravi Prabhu G
    Ravi Prabhu G at

    Spectacular. Very tricky. It took me nearly 10 minutes to break the puzzle.

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