Pilotelle vs. Vernay

Medium difficulty puzzle. White to move and mate in 3

Roll over to see the solution: 1. Qxh7+ Kxh7 2. Rh5+ Kg8 3. Rh8#

FEN: r1b1r1k1/1pq1bp1p/p3pBp1/3pR3/7Q/2PB4/PP3PPP/5RK1 w

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  1. Tom
    Tom at

    After 3….g6×Rh5 white is hopelessly lost.

  2. Jeroen
    Jeroen at

    A classic, but still pretty to look at. You’ll notice black’s pawn on g6, but no bishop on g7, which most likely doesn’t mean any good.

  3. Ella
    Ella at

    Pretty easy puzzle, but the sacrifice is amazing!

  4. Jerimiah Moore
    Jerimiah Moore at

    Solution for those who are lost
    1. Qh4xh7+ Kg8xh7
    2. Re5-h5+ Kh7-g8
    3. Rh5-h8#

  5. Jignesh
    Jignesh at

    Exactly, but computer doesnt kill Rh5. It moves the king back. Not sure why? What would happen if it moves kills the rook is the question that I am not able to find an answer to. Can anyone help please?

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