What’s the difference between the Premium Live login and the Multiplayer login?

Premium Live users may need to log in twice when using SparkChess:

The first step is to log in to the Premium Live service. Here, users must enter the email address they used to create the Premium Live account after purchasing a subscription and the associated password. Once logged in, they can play single-player or multiplayer.

Signing up for multiplayer is completely separate. Users log in to the Multiplayer service with an account created for this purpose, using a username (nickname) of their choice.

This system is necessary and by design. Premium Live users can have multiple multiplayer accounts, and a separate username protects their privacy by not revealing their email addresses.

For schools and chess clubs we have a management solution where one Premium account is associated with a multiplayer username and a team, so only one login is necessary. Contact us if you want SparkChess in your club or classroom.