Is it safe for a child to play SparkChess online?

We are parents ourselves and we’ve taken precautions to make SparkChess Multiplayer a fun and safe environment for kids. Children under 16 do not provide any personally-identifiable information and don’t have access to the Chat feature. We believe this is the safest way to ensure that they are not exposed to inappropriate language (filtering is done for English only). However, we cannot make any guarantees. We recommend parental involvement in all online interactions. If you notice anything offensive used in usernames or profile pictures, we encourage you to submit them to our attention.

Players are also able to block unwanted interactions with a block list.

Filtering the players by subnet will only show players connected from the same network – usually the same physical location. Use this option to have your children see only opponents from the same household or nearby area.

For schools and chess clubs we can offer a complete separate environment. Please contact us and let us know your requirements.