How can I improve my chess skills?

There are many ways you can get better at chess, the first being, of course, to play as much as you can. SparkChess has 5 AI opponents for all levels and a multiplayer mode so you can play against other people people like you.

SparkChess Premium includes over 20 lessons on basic topics ranging from rules to openings and endgames and basic strategies.

We also have articles on chess on the site written by accomplished authors (dr. Alexey Root is a Woman International Chess Master). Some articles, such as those written for us by George Zeigler, go in detail, commenting games from start to finish with diagrams. You can follow the progress of these games move by move.

Another way to sharpen your chess skills is to play chess puzzles. We have hand-picked puzzles from games between grandmaster and we’ve included even historical context and info on the players. You can try to solve these puzzles online (they all have solutions) or you can copy them as FEN and paste them in SparkChess Premium. Puzzles are a great way to improve your understanding of the situation and think a few moves ahead. And being games from the masters, you’ll also learn a trick or two.

You can also join a local chess club. Also, has many chess video courses available.