Viktor Korchnoi vs. Peterson

Chess puzzle form a simul, Viktor Korchnoi vs. Peterson, Kiev, 1964.

White to move and win in 4.

Roll over to see the solution: 1. Qg7+ Ke8 2. Qxe7+ Kxe7 3. Rg7+ Ke8 4. Nf6#

FEN: r2r1n2/pp2bk2/2p1p2p/3q4/3PN1QP/2P3R1/P4PP1/5RK1 w - - 0 1

About the players

Viktor KorchnoiViktor Korchnoi (1931-2016) chess Grandmaster (1956-2016) and International Master (1954-1956). Peak rating 2695. Defected from USSR to the Netherlands in 1976.

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  1. Batch
    Batch at

    I still cant get it my mind that you can sacrifice the queen and win. But I am learning. For the last three equations have been just that. My ability not to see it or refuse to see it. That is eye opening to me. So thank you for your training.


  2. vamsi krishna
    vamsi krishna at

    it was a good puzzle

  3. MeowMeow
    MeowMeow at

    I can’t do this?! Why?

  4. chayan agrawal
    chayan agrawal at

    1. Qg4-g7 Kf7-e8
    2. Qg7xe7 Ke8xe7
    3. Rg3-g7 Ke7-e8
    4. Ne4-f6

  5. emran c saumay
    emran c saumay at


  6. Christina
    Christina at

    It took me awhile! Liked it.

  7. Bishop
    Bishop at

    This game is simply a masterpiece in positional precision. A perfect demonstration on how to coordinate your pieces without assigning any valve to them. Working in harmony to create a beautiful solution. The development is poetry in motion. A true work of art into the mechanics of thinking behind the thought.

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