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US Womens Chess Champions

U.S. Women’s Chess Championships: Participants, Champions, Crosstables

In the 60 U.S. Women’s Chess Championships held between 1937 and 2020, there have been 148 competitors. Of those, 29 have earned the title of U.S. Women’s Champion. This article provides some facts and graphics about those participants and champions, plus a link to crosstables. More 🡢

Leo Dobson red shirt William Root green shirt May 31 2008

Reimagining Chess

The closing of the Good Moves art exhibition at The Power Station, featured a presentation called “Chess Re-Imagined.” It introduces sonification, which means the data-dependent generation of sound. Wikipedia’s page on sonification gives the example of a Geiger counter, where the rate of clicking indicates how much radiation is nearby. More 🡢

Chess Historical Literacy

Chess Historical Literacy

For chess historical literacy, becoming familiar with the World Chess Champions is essential. Their games and writings influenced both their contemporaries and those that came after them. Therefore, one should be able to name, in order, the World Chess Champions. More 🡢

Pep Rally March 28 at UT Dallas

Final Four of College Chess – and YOU could be a Winner!

New year, new contest! Read on for which colleges are competing in the 2019 Final Four, coming up April 6-7 at the Marshall Chess Club in New York City. Predict the winner and the order in which the four teams finish to win a SparkChess Premium Live Membership. More 🡢

world chess champions

Infographic: All World Chess Champions

We all know that Magnus Carlsen is the World Chess Champion, but who was the first one? And when? Even less is known about women champions. You probably have heard about Susan Polgar, but who is the current woman chess champion? More 🡢

Chess Players in 2019

Infographic: Chess Players Titles and Ratings in 2019

Have you ever wondered just how many chess players are in the world? How many of them are women? And what’s with all the titles like chess master and international master? Who is the top chess player ever? More 🡢