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What’s new in SparkChess 10

The new SparkChess marks 10 years of continuous development and we wanted to make sure this release feels special for you too.

Taking advantage of the new framework introduced last year, we added some great new features and improved existing ones, making SparkChess 10 the best chess program for enthusiasts.

SparkChess 10 has a new beautiful 3D board

Beautiful 3D Board

We added a real 3D board view you can rotate, pan and zoom. This way you can change the point of view to be the most comfortable for you. The board has a beautiful polished look with dynamic shadows and reflections, making the pieces stand out nicely.

The fixed 3D board gets a makeover, too. We are now using a more elegant chess set, with pieces easier to set apart. We also changed the colors of the board and pieces, resulting in  a look that’s at the same time classic, exquisite and provides more contrast. The fixed boards were optimized for low-resource use, making them ideal when battery usage is a concern.

With SparkChess 10 you can now watch live multiplayer games

Watch live chess games

The next major feature is with multiplayer. If you don’t feel like playing, you can now just sit and watch live games as they unfold. You can move back and forth through the played moves, annotate and export the games for reference. It’s a great way to learn chess by looking at others!

SparkChess 10 has a new AI chess engine with faster, stronger opponents

Faster, stronger AI

We also wrote a brand-new AI chess engine, one that is at least 10 times faster than the old one. It took almost an year, but it was worth the effort. On a reasonably fast computer, Guru thinks for less than 10 seconds now. Boris and Guru are also much stronger, so if you thought they were too easy, get ready for a challenge. They are still beatable though, we made sure of that. The other opponents – Cody, Deon and Claire – remain unchanged.

There are lots of more improvements and fixes, too many to mention. We tweaked the interface in many subtle ways, we made the ticking sound in multiplayer less intrusive, we’re now highlighting the moves that give check in the moves list and so on.

We hope you’ll enjoy playing SparkChess as much as we enjoyed building it!