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SparkChess 9 is the latest available version

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What’s new in SparkChess 9

Our biggest release to date, SparkChess 9 is a complete rewrite of the project, taking advantage of a more modern framework for a faster, stronger chess.
SparkChess 9 has a new interface


This change was behind the scenes, but it’s huge. We completely replaced the application’s foundation with a more modern one. It was a major effort, but it’s something that will help SparkChess in the years to come.


The new framework, coupled with new AI features, make the new chess engine four times faster than SparkChess 8. Yes, that’s a 400% improvement.

The chess AI engine is 4X faster!


We used the extra engine power to make Boris and Guru more challenging. But don’t worry, Claire is still approachable, Deon is the same beginner and Cody is as clumsy as always.


The interface has been completely rebuilt, polished and refined. There’s still the familiar layout, but each element and interaction has been improved.


The Board Editor has been revamped and the Replay mode lets you save snapshots of the board and add/edit your own comments.

New features


Many other improvements and bug fixes across the board 🙂