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We have an exclusive offer for our SparkChess players: a free interactive eBook from Forward Chess! There is a catch, though: the offer expires on March 20.

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If you need help redeeming the coupon, we wrote a little guide.

About The Russian Endgame Handbook

According to the Russians, Western amateurs “play the opening like grandmasters, the middlegame like experts, and the endgame like beginners.”

The Russian Endgame Handbook

The author raises the beginner’s understanding of the endgame to a sophisticated level, starting with elementary checkmates and then moving on to the principles for handling complex endgames and advanced concepts in king-and-pawn endings, such as the theory of corresponding squares. He pays special attention to frequently neglected endgame themes such as rook vs. pawns, rook vs. a minor piece, and queen vs. rook.

About Forward Chess

Forward Chess is more than an eBook reader. Their chess books come to life as the chess positions are interactive and can be practiced upon. The app is available for web, desktop and mobile phones.

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