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Why Grandmasters Love the Sicilian

It was the first time I played the Sicilian Defense in over 3 months. For a couple years, I’ve been playing a variation of the Modern Defense and I was never able to generate the kind of dynamic and fascinating play that I have constantly found in the Sicilian. More 🡢

Lines and Focal Points: The Heart and Soul of a Combination

Alexander Alekhine is universally regarded as a great attacking genius, and one of the most creative players of all time. White offers a pawn in order to open up attacking lines around Black’s king. Black accepts the sacrifice less than half the time at high level play, because White gets very dangerous play in return for the pawn. More 🡢

Key to Success – Choose Openings that Fit Your Style

Today we’ll focus on playing openings that fit your style. If you’re a pretty new player, you might not be completely sure of what your style is quite yet, so here’s the most important piece of advice. More 🡢

Scotch Opening: Blumenfeld Variation

I know this opening extremely well. I’ve worked out many of the details using the chess computer, and I know many of the variations about 20 moves deep. More 🡢

What would you like to see in SparkChess multiplayer next?

SparkChess 7 has been rock solid for the past year, with an uptime of 99.98% and almost all feedback from you is positive. Still, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the game and the way you play with it. We’re now looking at some changes and additions and we’d like your feedback. More 🡢

Psychology in the Choice of an Opening Repertoire

In chess it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable with the positions that arise from the choices you make early in the game. One position may even be objectively better. But as long as they’re both playable, if the first position doesn’t fit your style, the other one is your best choice. We all play some positions better than others. It happened to me a couple years ago, and here’s why. More 🡢