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Chess is fun!

Chess doesn’t have to be boring. Long, slow games are not a requirement. A chess computer AI doesn’t have to be a cold, merciless terminator. Playing chess online in multiplayer doesn’t have to be complicated or subject to bullying. Yes, you can actually have fun with chess. We assembled a video of what SparkChess can do. More 🡢

Dark Square Domination

Dark Square Domination

Either consciously or unconsciously, chess players continuously assess the importance of time, space, and force. The relative importance of each of the elements shifts frequently throughout the contest, and it’s vital to factor this into our analysis. In this opening, White trades off the permanent weakening of his pawn structure for long term pressure against the dark squares. This theme of weak dark squares consistently presents itself throughout the contest. It colors every single variation and it is the dominant theme in this game. A large number of grandmaster games involve dominating squares of one color. In chess terminology, this is called “working a color complex” and you’ll often see grandmasters orchestrate numerous maneuvers through a color complex on their journey to victory. More 🡢

Viswanathan Anand vs. Magnus Carlsen at World Chess Championship 2013

Former World Chess Champion, Viswanathan Anand, fought to defend his title against Magnus Carlsen. If you own SparkChess 7 Full Version you can download the PGN database and replay the games at your leisure. More 🡢

How to Manage Your Mind at the Board

We will start by looking at the art and science of chess. Clearly, it is a science, subject to absolute laws which can be classified and studied. At the same time, it is clearly an art form which lends itself to high levels of creative thought and interpretation. More 🡢