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Mastering Chess – How to Build Solid Posts for Your Knights

In this article you will learn exactly how to build a solid post for your knights. This is the Living Tool that will help you make the most of your knights in every contest you play. More 🡢

Mastering Chess - Mysterious Powers of the Knight

Mastering Chess – Mysterious Powers of the Knight

It’s easy to master the powers of the knight once you understand the principles behind them. This is the first article in a 3 part series. Once you have read all 3 articles, you will have a Master Level Understanding of the mysterious powers of the knight. More 🡢

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Mastering Chess – The Art of Heroic Defense

Chess is the most fun when we’re attacking and winning with brilliant and creative ideas. However, we all have to defend sometimes, and it’s important to get very tough-minded when we’re in that position. It’s not a lot of fun, but sometimes the situation is not as bad as it seems. By exercising care and patience, we can frequently exchange a few pieces, and reduce the position to equality. That’s what happened in this game: More 🡢

Mastering Chess - Why Grandmasters Love the Sicilian

Mastering Chess – Why Grandmasters Love the Sicilian

It was the first time I played the Sicilian Defense in over 3 months. For a couple years, I’ve been playing a variation of the Modern Defense and I was never able to generate the kind of dynamic and fascinating play that I have constantly found in the Sicilian. More 🡢

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Mastering Chess – Lines and Focal Points: The Heart and Soul of a Combination

Alexander Alekhine is universally regarded as a great attacking genius, and one of the most creative players of all time. White offers a pawn in order to open up attacking lines around Black’s king. Black accepts the sacrifice less than half the time at high level play, because White gets very dangerous play in return for the pawn. More 🡢

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Mastering Chess – Choose Chess Openings that Fit Your Style

Today we’ll focus on playing openings that fit your style. If you’re a pretty new player, you might not be completely sure of what your style is quite yet, so here’s the most important piece of advice. More 🡢

Is it hard to learn chess?

Learning the rules of chess can be accomplished in one day. There are six different chessmen. Master how each moves and captures, and use them to checkmate your opponents, to succeed in your chess games.

Where can I learn chess?

The best way to learn is by playing! Right here on SparkChess you can play against different computer personas (start with Cody if you never played before). The game will highlight all valid moves for a piece, so it's easy to understand and learn the rules. Then you can move to learning strategies and openings with SparkChess Premium, which features an Opening Explorer with over 100 opening variations, 30 interactive lessons and even an AI coach.

What is the best way to start learning chess?

While learning chess online is efficient, since software corrects illegal moves, playing chess with others in person can be satisfying. You and a friend or family member could tackle chess together, perhaps reading the rules in a book. Playing on a three-dimensional chess set can be a fun break from our online lives. When in-person chess is not available, SparkChess has online multiplayer for playing with friends (and making new ones).

How can I teach myself to play chess?

While learning chess rules takes one day, becoming good at chess takes longer. One proverb states, “Chess is a sea in which a gnat may drink and an elephant may bathe.” With intense efforts, chess greatness can be achieved.