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Sharing is caring

Tell the world why you love SparkChess and win a one-year SparkChess Premium Live subscription!

UPDATE: We selected a winner! See at the bottom of the page.

There are 3 steps:

1. Write a post

Write a nice post on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, your personal blog, or a magazine, with a link to



Make sure your post doesn’t violate community guidelines before you publish it.
Do not spam! Don’t comment on existing posts and articles! Don’t abuse the rules. Your entry will be disqualified! If in doubt, contact us first.

Below are some quick options to get you started:

You are welcome to write about SparkChess on other sites. We love honest reviews and articles.

Not quite sure what to write?

Here’s what others have been saying about SparkChess. Don’t just copy their words, but you can use them for inspiration:

  • I’ve tested so many chess games over the last few months, and SparkChess nails them all!
  • I am an avid user of your SparkChess and feel it is the best chess on the Internet!
  • SparkChess is a superbly presented and polished chess program. I have many of the commercial and free programs and SparkChess is my new favorite for a quick casual and fun game of chess.
  • I absolutely love SparkChess, the visuals & graphics are unsurpassed, great during a coffee break, the lower-end AI is easy to tackle, making this a non-grandmaster-prerequisite engine game unlike many out there.
  • Sparkchess is a great site to enjoy chess and relax without any distractions.
  • When I started playing SparkChess, I was able to, for the first time, have a place where I could improve my chess-playing.

If you still can’t think of anything, write this:

SparkChess is the chess game for everyone, beginner or advanced. Practice against the computer or play with friends in multiplayer and above all, have fun!

2. Submit the URL of your post

The contest is closed now but will be back soon. Check again later!

If you’re not sure what the address of your post is, try sharing the post by email and copy the URL address from the mail body and paste it below.

3. Win

On June 21, we’ll draw the lucky winner who will receive a one-year SparkChess Premium Live subscription!

UPDATE: The winner is Flavio Rodriguez with this post!