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SparkChess Premium Live lets you enjoy a great game of chess online - be it on a computer, tablet or smart phone.
Beginner or advanced, SparkChess enables you to play better chess and have fun.

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Faster. Stronger.
Challenging and fun

Special optimizations bring more varied opponents to SparkChess Premium. Boris plays stronger than in the free edition, while the exclusive Guru will spend up to two minutes finding the best way to outsmart you. If you're looking for a lighter opponent instead, there's Deon, a better player than Cody but less experienced than Claire.

Blazingly-fast chess engine

Full HD fantasy chess set.
You will love it.

The standard 3D chess set is nice and clean, but if you ever get tired of it, the Medieval Fantasy set will definitely catch your eye. We carefully modeled each piece in 3D and then hand-painted them, taking care of all the tiny details and making sure the pieces are easily recognizable and are suitable for young children too – they love it, by the way. If you have an HD screen, you'll want to maximize the SparkChess window and enjoy the beautiful graphics.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more tactical view, there's a diagram mode available.

Oh, we also added a Full Screen mode that lets you enjoy chess without distractions.

With lessons too.

Pause and rewind games using intuitive VCR-like controls. Use the 3D view or the more tactical diagram mode.

Import individual games or entire databases of annotated games and play them, reading the comments (including advanced features such as NAG and RAV). Add your own comments to any move. Export chess games in chess-standard PGN format. Take snapshots of the current board position and save them as photos.

Using the same replay interface we've added over 20 interactive chess lessons on a wide variety of topics, from basic rules to opening strategies, tactics and even some puzzles.

Visual hints.
Like training wheels, only better.

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to come up with a strategy only to overlook an undefended piece. Or you failed to spot a valid move while in check. Or you missed the last computer move. Visual hints take care of all these: An arrow indicates the last move; Pieces you can move are marked with green; pieces the opponent can capture are marked with red while enemy pieces you can capture are blue. Now you have full situational awareness! Of course, as you progress, you’ll be able to turn off the hints and focus on strategies.

Board analysis.
Plan your attack.

An invaluable tool: quickly see who has control over the board and where are the weak spots; who has better mobility and what pieces are blocked; see any undefended pieces that can be captured. Read a static analysis of the board in plain English based on material, positioning, mobility, king safety and pawn structure.

Board Editor.
Make your own game.

Arrange pieces on the board just as you’d do with a real chess set by drag&drop. Copy the position as a simple text in FEN format for future reference. Import and play famous puzzles. It’s easy and fun.

Suggest a move.
Stuck? Get directions.

Stuck on a move? Ask the computer to suggest a move for you. You get the recommendation in plain English and with a nice visual arrow to see exactly what will happen. Then you can carry out the move or try to find a better one yourself.

The Crown.
You get the Royal treatment.

SparkChess Premium accounts have uncapped scores, get preferential access and are not removed if inactive for long periods.

Premium players have exclusive access to certain play rooms - be part of the elite club and have access to more sophisticated time control.

Playing online with a friend? Chat as you play. Enjoying the silence? Chat is disabled by default so the other player can’t annoy you if you want to concentrate on the game. And because we value civility, if your account is marked as being for a person under the age of 13, bad words are filtered out.

$2.99/month or $12.99/year Buy Now

Here's a summary of the SparkChess Premium features:

 Free EditionMac Premium
General features
3D Standard Board
2D Diagram
3D Fantasy Set
Single-player features
PGN Export
Board Analysis
Board Editor
Move Help
Replay Tools
PGN Import
Chess Lessons
Multiplayer features
Exclusive rooms
Unlimited score
Priority access
Unlimited daily games
Export PGN
$2.99/month or $12.99/year Buy Now

What people are saying about SparkChess

Your chess board and pieces are the best by far (compared to any other program, including Fritz 12). Really amazing. Thank you so very very much for the work you've put into producing this program.

Sherwin S.

This is a great game for my boy, who is six years old. A Grand Master in the making.

Daniel C.

I found it on-line last night and it gave me a really good game - I just had to download it this morning and everything went so smoothly; the payment through PayPal was processed almost immediately and the download itself took only a few seconds. I look forward to trying out the features that are not available on the on-line version and thank you again for what promises to be an excellent companion for my insomniac nights!

Bob M.

Thanks a lot! This is the difference between a very good product with an excellent customer care (like yours) and the scum that you can find in Internet for the same price. Thanks again, very professional.

Luca P.

I am a fan/addict of SparkChess.


SparkChess is a superbly presented and polished program and I will be getting the versions for other platforms also. I have many of the commercial and free chess programs for windows and also for android/apple devices, and just wanted to say that I think your program is excellent and is my new 'go to' favourite for a quick casual and fun game of chess. I think you have achieved your aim of making chess fun, accessible and entertaining for a wide audience.

Chris T.

I am an avid user of your SparkChess and feel it is the best chess on the Internet!

Adam T.

I love the game and play it regularly - great work on the game, thanks again!!!

Jason C.

Thank you - Tried it and found it very pleasing - I love the sliding movement of the pieces

Benedict A.

I have your awesome chess game already downloaded from the link in the automatic reply email that I have received immediately after my payment. I really enjoy your game!

Martina H.

$2.99/month or $12.99/year Buy Now


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