Alekhine vs Freeman

Alexander Alekhine vs Freeman, New York, 1924
Alekhine wins in 3

FEN: 4Rnk1/pr3ppp/1p3q2/5NQ1/2p5/8/P4PPP/6K1 w - - 1 0

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1.Nh6+Qxh6 2.RxF8 + Kxf8 3.Qd8 #


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  1. Anonymous at

    the real answer is this

    1. Nf5-h6
    2. Re8xf8
    3. Qg5-d8

    1. eldar at

      ok thank you

  2. Archer at

    what are the black moves?

    Archer Quinn Watson

    1. icemel at

      Play it and see…

    2. Farjad at

      Black can make just these moves:

  3. tushar agrawal at

    1. Bb4-d2 Kc1-b1
    2. Bd2-c3 Qb8-f8
    3. Kg7xf8 Ne5-d7
    4. Kf8-g7 Nd7-c5
    5. Ra2-a1

  4. Johnny at

    1. Nf5-h6 – Qf6xh6
    2. Re8xf8 – Kg8xf8
    3. Qg5-d8

  5. Fareez at

    1. Nh6+ Qxh6 2. Rxf8+ Kxf8 3. Qd8#

  6. John Tsamis at

    The solution has already been shown in complete form on the aforementioned responses. What I would like to add here, is a bit of an evaluation and analysis:

    a) Evaluation: Alekhine is two pawns down in material and he has a “weak last rank”. If it was Freeman’s (Black) turn, he could mate White in three (1…Qa1+ 2.Qc1 Qxc1+ 3.Re8 Qxe8#, forced). While, both White’s Q and N are under threat and, more than that, Black possesses the c4 “passed pawn” (which threatens promotion). So, it is a “do or die” situation, Alekhine has no time for maneuvers (a trading of the Queens would lead White to a losing endgame).
    Note that Freeman also has a “weak last rank”, as well – this is a key element to the upcoming White’s combination.
    What Alekhine mostly has is “the initiative” (meaning, it’s his turn to play). And the only way to capitalize this is a direct attack, which can be translated as “search for an IMMEDIATE check and exploit the weak last rank”. Of all the possible checks, the only promising is the Nh6+. So:

    b) analysis: 1. Nh6+!! The g-pawn is pinned and cannot capture the Nh6. If 1…Kh8, then 2. Rxf8#!, which lefts for Black the only forced answer, 1…Qxh6. But this move opens the h4-d8 diagonal for the White Q to enter the “weak last rank”.
    2. Rxf8+! (White continues his attack) Kxf8 (forced)
    3. Qd8#!

    Elementary, but quite educational (and entertaining). Alekhine was one of the best attacking players of all times…

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