Alekhine vs Freeman

Alexander Alekhine vs Freeman, New York, 1924
Alekhine wins in 3

FEN: 4Rnk1/pr3ppp/1p3q2/5NQ1/2p5/8/P4PPP/6K1 w - - 1 0

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1.Nh6+Qxh6 2.RxF8 + Kxf8 3.Qd8 #


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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous at

    the real answer is this

    1. Nf5-h6
    2. Re8xf8
    3. Qg5-d8

  2. Archer
    Archer at

    what are the black moves?

    Archer Quinn Watson

    1. icemel
      icemel at

      Play it and see…

    2. Farjad
      Farjad at

      Black can make just these moves:

  3. tushar agrawal
    tushar agrawal at

    1. Bb4-d2 Kc1-b1
    2. Bd2-c3 Qb8-f8
    3. Kg7xf8 Ne5-d7
    4. Kf8-g7 Nd7-c5
    5. Ra2-a1

  4. Johnny
    Johnny at

    1. Nf5-h6 – Qf6xh6
    2. Re8xf8 – Kg8xf8
    3. Qg5-d8

  5. Fareez
    Fareez at

    1. Nh6+ Qxh6 2. Rxf8+ Kxf8 3. Qd8#

  6. John Tsamis
    John Tsamis at

    The solution has already been shown in complete form on the aforementioned responses. What I would like to add here, is a bit of an evaluation and analysis:

    a) Evaluation: Alekhine is two pawns down in material and he has a “weak last rank”. If it was Freeman’s (Black) turn, he could mate White in three (1…Qa1+ 2.Qc1 Qxc1+ 3.Re8 Qxe8#, forced). While, both White’s Q and N are under threat and, more than that, Black possesses the c4 “passed pawn” (which threatens promotion). So, it is a “do or die” situation, Alekhine has no time for maneuvers (a trading of the Queens would lead White to a losing endgame).
    Note that Freeman also has a “weak last rank”, as well – this is a key element to the upcoming White’s combination.
    What Alekhine mostly has is “the initiative” (meaning, it’s his turn to play). And the only way to capitalize this is a direct attack, which can be translated as “search for an IMMEDIATE check and exploit the weak last rank”. Of all the possible checks, the only promising is the Nh6+. So:

    b) analysis: 1. Nh6+!! The g-pawn is pinned and cannot capture the Nh6. If 1…Kh8, then 2. Rxf8#!, which lefts for Black the only forced answer, 1…Qxh6. But this move opens the h4-d8 diagonal for the White Q to enter the “weak last rank”.
    2. Rxf8+! (White continues his attack) Kxf8 (forced)
    3. Qd8#!

    Elementary, but quite educational (and entertaining). Alekhine was one of the best attacking players of all times…

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