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      Author: Armand Niculescu
      Support: Liviu Niculescu
      Additional art: Mihai Radu

      Some annotated historical games courtesy of Jan van Reek

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          The Puzzler

          The $10,000 Puzzler Hunt, Chess, and Thank You Notes

          Can you solve mind-bending puzzles? Then you might win $10,000 from a contest, still active at the time I am writing this, that began May 3, 2022. The contest introduces a book which contains, among other puzzles, several chess puzzles. That book’s author, along with another author, deserve thank-you notes from me. More 🡢

          Fabiano Caruana

          2022 American Cup: Double Elimination Chess

          From April 18–29, 2022, the Saint Louis Chess Club held the American Cup. The tournament’s format was a rare one for chess: double elimination. With $300,000 in prize money on the line, each game counted. More 🡢

          The Girl from Riga

          Suitcases, war, chess, and the d5-square

          Refugees may pack suitcases before fleeing their countries. Professional chess players pack suitcases to travel to their next tournaments. While refugees do not know where they will live, chess players know to control the d5-square. More 🡢

          GM Hikaru Nakamura

          From Wild Card to Candidate: Hikaru Nakamura

          Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura won the 2022 FIDE World Chess Grand Prix, earning his spot in the 2022 Candidates. Nakamura was originally a “wild card” pick by FIDE to participate in the Grand Prix. More 🡢

          Jarred Tetzlaff and Alexey Root, photo by Ryan Deering

          Emotions in chess: Let it Go

          Certain emotions may distract chess players from finding good moves. This article suggests two strategies, let it go and avoid obsessions, that may help players achieve emotional states which are better for chess. More 🡢

          Defending under pressure

          Chess book review: Defending Under Pressure

          Dr. Steve Hrop, a psychologist, achieved a peak US Chess rating of 2192 in 1988. His book Defending Under Pressure: Managing Your Emotions at the Chessboard was published in 2021 by Mongoose Press. This article is a review of Hrop’s book. More 🡢