Wuisard vs. Durufle

Medium difficulty puzzle – mate in 5, white to move.

FEN: 6r1/p3p1rk/1p1pPp1p/q3n2R/4P3/3BR2P/PPP2QP1/7K w

Roll over to show the solution:
1.Rxh6+ Kxh6 2.Qh4+ Kg6 3.Rg3+ Ng4 4.e5+ f5 5.Rxg4


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  1. YanzarMuksan
    YanzarMuksan at

    you can mate it in 3 moves

  2. Rick
    Rick at

    you can check mat in 2 moves

    1. nhan
      nhan at


  3. Gaspy
    Gaspy at

    I can’t mate in 2 or 3 moves. Don’t think it’s possible.

  4. G-Man
    G-Man at

    You can mate in two if the computer goofs:
    Qf4, which both times I’ve done it against the computer it baited them into Rxg2, and then Qxh6 is mate. Obviously it is slightly different if, say, the computer, instead of Rxg2, it did Rg6. This puts a halt on the mate in two, and in the strategy in general. I haven’t worked completely through the solution, but i have a hunch it is a sure fire way to get a mate.

  5. Staydench
    Staydench at

    2 is possible if the computer makes a stupid move, however now it is fixed 4 is still possible

    1. Nostromov
      Nostromov at

      @Staydench Uh-huh & then you woke up? :))

  6. Tejaswi singh
    Tejaswi singh at

    Good puzzle

  7. porle7
    porle7 at

    Rh5xh6 * Qf2-h4 * Re3-g3*e4-e5*Rg3xg4
    Checkmate in 5 moves.

  8. Loïc
    Loïc at

    Mate in 4

    1. Rxh6+ Kxh6 2. g2 – g4+ Qxa2 3. Q-h4+ K-g6 4. Q-h5

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